A Board of Advisors

Our Goals

Skill Upgrade

The primary aim of BWPHacktober is to make sure that participating WordPress Developers end up upgrading some of their skills. This time, the focus is on Engineering Best Practices & Code Management.

Contributor Orientation

The second aim of BWPHacktober is to get participants started with contributing to open source projects in the WordPress ecosystem.

Fun Format

It follows a format different from a traditional course with creative learning activities, gamification and prizes to make the learning process more interesting and to  increase the participants motivation.

Possible Pitfalls

Losing Track of Goals

Since the organisers will be doing a lot of marketing and commercial activities, there’s at least a worry that the event will become a glittery extravaganza which could easily lose sight of these goals.

Curriculum Quality & Effectiveness

Second, it is important that the skills the developers pick up and the processes that they learn are in tune with what’s prevalent in the industry. If the organisers developed the curriculum privately without consulting the industry, the value that it will generate could get very low.

Board of Advisors to the rescue!

That is why, as soon as we thought of the event, we decided to approach leading experts from the industry to join an advisory board.

Advisors on this board will review the curriculum and provide feedback to make sure that whatever participants learn is industry standard and practically useful.

Second, they’d help in suggesting and/or selecting speakers/ facilitators appropriate for each topic/session.

As of now, we have five confirmed experts on this board. If you know someone (or yourself) who can add value to this board, feel free to nominate them (or yourself) on the Advisors page.

Hello WordPress world!

Welcome to BaapWP Hacktober 2017.

It’s going to be a month of WordPress related activities for WordPress developers:

  • Workshops
  • Webinars/ Sessions
  • Hackathons
  • Hacktoberfest
  • and more.

While BaapWP Hacktober is in early planning stages, feel free to get in touch with us to sponsor, speak or participate in any form:

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